5 Traits of a successful entrepreneur


Do you have the traits of an entrepreneur?

I’ve often asked myself this same question. Am I really an entrepreneur? I believe I am. I love to take small ideas and bring them to the public. I enjoy giving people what they thought they could not have. For me, filling in the gap between what is expected and what can be achieved describes a satisfactory lifestyle.

Still today, many think that only a few people have the traits to be an entrepreneur. In reality, that is far from the truth. Almost all of us have the traits needed, we just need to have them pulled out of us. What we don’t have, we can learn.

Let’s take a look at 5 traits that make up successful entrepreneurs.

Break through procrastination.

I am a morning person. I enjoy getting up when the house is quiet and getting started on my work for the day. A friend of mine is the opposite – she works late into the night.

Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, the key is to break through the obstacle of procrastination. All of us have the fated disease. The greatest cure? Be like Nike and “just do it”.

Suggestion: Just start. Make a plan for your project, your week, your day. Make the task items specific, assign dates, and note outcomes. Then work to that plan whether you feel like it or not.

Recognize the gaps.

For entrepreneurs, gaps are the all important topic. The gap is the difference between what customers want and what they can find. This is the sweet spot for an entrepreneur. These gaps are everywhere, but sometimes we have to dig for them. Paper clips, sticky notes, glue sticks were all items that filled in the gap of existing products. All of them are extremely successful.

Suggestion: Realize that everything has a gap between what it is or does and what is needed. Find out where you can fill that gap and work at it. Find a trusted friend that you can bounce these ideas off of. Benjamin Franklin taught us that the first idea isn’t always the best one.

Have follow through.

This is where the plan comes into play. Whatever your goal is, whatever the commitment you made, follow through is extremely important. You have nothing if others don’t believe what you are saying. Every project should have a plan from start to finish. Make sure the plan includes outcomes – what does each task look like when complete? Above all, the last task list should include project hand over. When it is done – how will you hand it over to your client?

Suggestion: Before starting any project, put together the plan. Use your “dreamer” skills to see in the future. What will be needed, what possible obstacles need to be mitigated, what does the end look like. Then follow your plan.

Challenge the status quo.

Never allow yourself to be put into a box. You can’t fill in the gaps if you are just going to follow the crowd. You need to be the driver of your bus. Sometimes the path you are on will bring criticism; other time accolades. The line, “That’s the way we’ve always done it”, will always rub an entrepreneur the wrong way.

Suggestion: Make sure you know your plan. Follow your gut. A sure way to kill an entrepreneurial spirit is to let others talk you out of doing what you believe is right.

Mind their money.

The word entrepreneur means assuming the most risk on a venture. In order to do that, one must have their egg basket well lined. At first, this may be hard to accomplishment. Remember, just because you are an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be in this venture alone. Collaboration is a huge part of entrepreneurship. Leverage your knowledge, but also leverage your relationships.

Suggestion: Make sure you have your personal finances in order when starting any type of entrepreneurial venture. More than that, be creative. In search of a skill that you don’t possess? Barter for the help. Need additional financing? Use crowdfunding opportunities.

There is no one way to become an entrepreneur. Each one of us follows our own path. However, what you are good at and what you still need to learn are good places to start.


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