Yes! Yes!

“My life is someone who did not ask for permission. My life is someone who gave notice.” Lisa Nichols


Lisa Nichols is a personal change maker. Some may call her a motivational speaker, but that would not adequately describe her impact. She has the ability to move all the nonsense off the table and give you something you need. Her words resonate to the bottom of one’s feet. They make you want to move.

Her life is a testament to what she believes. When she started her entrepreneurial career, she was a struggling single mother on public assistance. Today, she is a successful author, entrepreneur, and life changer.

Her YouTube video is one that is on my playlist. Listening to it regularly motivates me to keep going when it feels like I can’t go any further. When I feel like I’m lost in this world of mediocracy, I push play. When I feel like giving up, I remember what the results of my actions can be.

How to Step Into Your Purpose is a video that I believe will bless you, too.

Listen to it. Let it sink in. Then say – Yes! Yes!



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