My Top 3 Podcasts

Podcastlive-your-dreamss have become my new go-to tool for motivation and new business ideas. They are both convenient to use and informative. No longer am I tethered to YouTube to watch videos of slightly (sometimes not even slightly) successful entrepreneurs.  I get to choose the topic of my choice – the ones that make me excited to do what I do.

My favorite podcasts reflect my creative entrepreneurial and collaborative work. All are moderated by women; that’s not to say that men don’t make good podcasts DJ’s. It just so happens that I enjoy listening to women share their business ideas. For me, all three podcasts are engaging, entertaining, and give me the idea and inspiration I need for my creative business.

When you’re done reading my list, please share yours. I’d love to add more great podcasts to my listening schedule.

Profit, Power, Pursuit. A CreativeLive Podcast with Tara Gentile

This is a blog all about business strategy. Tara Gentile has an amazing way of making the strategy and tactical components of business interesting and easy to understand. She shares the mic with both women and men speaking on a wide range of topics – money, taking control of your business, and pursuing what is important in life.

As a business strategist and author in her own right (check out Quiet Power Strategy), Tara has great advice for both those just starting out as well as the honed entrepreneur.

She Did It Her Way Podcast with Amanda Boleyn

Mirroring Frank Sinatra’s song, Amanda Boleyn brings us woman entrepreneurs who found success their own way. On a weekly basis, listeners can take advantage of Amanda’s easy and open interview style to learn how to navigate the ups and downs of creating and building a successful business.

In addition to being a podcast DJ, Amanda is a success business coach helping both individuals and organizations grow into their expectations. Forbes listed She Did It Her Way as one of the “12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs”. She is a definite must-listen-to dynamo!

Boss Girl Creative Podcast

Although this Podcast is number 3 on my list and fairly new to me, it is quickly rising to number 1. The topics that Taylor Bradford airs on her weekly show are right up my alley – inventive information for creative business ventures.

As a small business owner of many different ventures, Taylor knows the ins and outs of frustration, excitement, and hard work associated with entrepreneurship. Today, she is a successful business coach in addition to being a great podcast DJ.

She is quickly becoming one of my inspirations for success!

Share with us – what are you listening to?




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