Collaboration and Space Sharing

Ever been in one of these scenarios?

  1. You’ve just started your business, have a great home office, but you need a space to meet customers a couple of times a month.
  2. As a freelancer, you work out of your home office, but this month you need a larger space to put together a publication.
  3. You’ve booked two meetings with clients during your vacation in another state – how do you pull off the meetings while still looking professional?

Believe it or not, there’s an app for that!

Well, not always an app, but there is help finding resources. Oftentimes, it is hard for start-ups to come up with office space, meeting rooms, or board rooms because of the cost of real estate. At the start of your business, the home office serves its purpose for most needs. Yet, a few days of the month you may need additional resources to help you run your business professionally. Some pretty clever entrepreneurs have come up with a few services that can open up offices and meeting spaces in almost any city.

Don’t think that these spaces are only available in a large city. I’ve used one that is fairly close to my home in what is considered a small city. Check each of the resources out and see what you find. If you don’t see anything in your city, spread the word to a few businesses that may have extra space to rent out. It’s a win-win – you get a space, and they get money for that unused space.

Here is a list of four popular shareable space services. If you use a similar service that is not on this list – please share.

Desks Near Me

Cities Available: Worldwide
Cost: Free to sign up, Office space determined by location and term

This is a service that I have some experience with. There is one location available within an hour of my home. For $25/day I can rent an open office space giving me a location to get connected, do some work (copy machines/scanners/internet hookups), and collaborate with others. Typically, I don’t use a meeting room or a training room, but if I did I could add in one of those resources for a small hourly rate ($20/$40 respectfully).

This is a great alternative for those of us who are just growing our business without the extra financial burden of dedicated office space.


Cities Available: Worldwide
Cost: Free to sign up, Office space determined by location and term

Similar to DesksNearMe, ShareDesk is a service that provides office space and meeting areas by the hour, day, week, or month. This service is typically available in larger cities and therefore, I’ve not used any of their services. However, looking through the listings available in Los Angeles there is a myriad of options – typical cubicles to well-appointed offices and meeting rooms.


Cities Available: Worldwide
Cost: Free to sign up, Office space determined by location and term

This is a new service that I’ve just become aware of through a friend. The impressive part of this service is its ability to search for office or meeting space that fits your needs. For instance, the results you see on the search page will be different if it is just an office space for 1 or a meeting room for 10. Depending on the area you are looking for, it may save a ton of time looking through available options.

Similar to the other services listed, cubicles, private offices, and meeting rooms are available by the hour, day, and month.


Cities Available: Worldwide
Cost: Free to sign up, Office space determined by location and term

Like, LiquidSpace, I had not been aware of this service until I started research for this article. For me, this isn’t my kind of website – no pictures! Rather, you pick the ad based on the location and check it out from there.

If you are looking for a location that is more about collaboration – similar businesses sharing space – this may be the service for you.


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