Wonder Woman Revamp – Bravo!

Wonder WomanGrowing up, Wonder Woman was one of my most iconic superheroes. Batman. Robin. Superman. They were men dressed up in tights and capes playing characters. Not much new there. But, Wonder Woman was different. She was so real. She defeated monsters. She was a girl like me.

She was so real. She defeated monsters. She was a girl like me.

Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman ended in the late ’70’s. This left a virtual hole in strong, well rounded women superheroes. Over the years, the original Wonder Woman story lines became irrelevant.

Instead of superheroes, today our girls see the debauchery of reality TV. They learn that their success is dependent on the approval of men and being strong means demeaning other women. Girls see that successful women cannot be both strong and nice or have a strong voice and be respectful. It is so hard to say Girlpower! When the woman characters so often portrayed imply the opposite.

This past weekend, I went to the theaters to see my hero revamped. I thought it would be another Supergirl, but was hoping to see at least Xena. The movie had me at the beginning and didn’t let me go until the credits.

I LOVED IT!Wonder Woman Today

Once again, here was a strong woman character that had strength and heart, feelings and a strong voice. She was such a well rounded woman. Girlpower! was all I could think of to say as the credits rolled. Terrific!

Once again, a female superhero portrayed as a whole person. She had a voice and wasn’t afraid to use it. I encourage anyone with a young girl in their home or under their influence to see the movie. To cheer on the notion that we can be all we want to be without giving up our values.

We can all be Wonder Woman!





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